We have just combined our home study program

with our Online Course for only $800

On sale now for $700

Everything that our students love about Florida Contractors Test Prep's classes is now available ONLINE!
You can now study at your own pace while at home and still learn everything you need to know to pass the Florida State General Contractors exam.
Our online program is set up very similar to our 6 day live lecture class without the schedule restrictions and travel costs.

Once you are enrolled in our online program, we will email you a confirmation where you will have to make your own username and password.

You will have access to all of our lectures online for 4 months.
If for some reason you need more time to study we can extend your enrollment for a small fee.

The price for our online class will cover the Business and Finance and both of the Technical portions that you will see on the exam.
The cost of the the Online course with practice questions is only $800.

This price is for the course only and does not include any text books.

Call us to place your order.

Our Home Study Program Includes:

-A Math Review video
-Over 1,600 practice look up questions questions
-200 Practice Math questions
-Step by step answers to all the Math questions online.

How it works:
You will receive 1500 practice questions with your course.
You'll need to complete all those questions before starting the online lectures.
We have 9 prerecorded lectures that you can go through at any time at your own pace.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: We do NOT register you for your exam date. YOU are responsible for registering yourself for the Florida State Exam.

Please click the link below to register for exam.