How to study before class starts

Do the three practice question notebooks and do them this way:
Read the question carefully and ask yourself these questions.
1. What is the question asking me after I remove all the non-important material deliberately placed there to confuse me.
What are the key words in the question.
2. Is there a tab for this page, 50% of the test questions are on or near one of our pre-printed tabs.

If yes, go to that page and look for the answer, after a minute then
Look for the correct answer in the answer key.

If there was no tab, then go directly to the answer key.
3. Go to the page stated on the answer key and read the correct answer.
4. Ask yourself again "what were the key words in the question and was I right".
5. Now using the key words, check the Index to see how you would get to the answer yourself.

Do this over and over for each question.
You should be able to do around 40 questions per hour using this technique.

Don't get bogged down on any one question.
 If you're not understanding it, just skip it. There will be more like it later.
At first you will be a little slower but after a few days, your speed will pick up.

You should spend a "minimum" of 40 hours at home studying before coming to class.

Make time for studying by getting up an hour and half earlier each day.
Yes, that means you have to go to bed early but this will give you quiet uninterrupted study time.
Think about it, in 30 days times, 1.5 hours per day equals 45 hours of study time.
Now, 45 hours, times 40 practice questions per hour, equals 1,800 questions done before you get to class.
Yes, you can get all your practice questions done before class!

NOTE: If you are really weak in Math, watch the free math review that's on this website a few times.
If that still doesn't help.

You can go to External link opens in new tab or windowKahn Academy and watch free Math videos along with their free
Math Practice questions.

Or you can go to your local college and ask for their Math Lab, they have
students there that can tutor you normally for free.