During the pandemic of COVID-19 we where forced to start teaching our classes virtually. We were surprised as to how well the students were doing with this format. We know some people are hesitant to do a virtual class but the truth is there is a lot of benefits to doing it this way.

  • The Online course is included with the virtual class, so you can review the materials before or after each lecture.
  • Our virtual classes start every five weeks
  • There is no travel time.
  • There is no hotel cost.
  • There are no distractions in class.
  • Students are able to take the class two times if needed at no extra cost.


 About the Course

  • Course cost $1200
  • Fast-paced
  • 1500 practice questions (approx. 50 plus hours) to complete prior to class
  • Live Lectures for both Business and Technical
  • Maximum 35 new students per class
  • Very High pass rate
  • If for some reason you do not pass on the first try,
    you are more than welcome to sit in on our class ONE more time free of charge
    within 1 year of registering for class.

Our live classes include:

  • Lectures from a Licensed Contractor

  • Practice Questions

  • Flash Cards

  • Simulated Exams

  • Group Projects (Orlando)

  • Study Groups (Orlando)

Course is Geared Towards

  • Out-of-State Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Superintendents
  • Those with good math backgrounds

Class Information

  • Lectures go for 50 mins. and breaks are taken at 10 mins. before each hour.
  • Lunch is taken from 12 to 1 each day.
  • The first 2 days of the class will be Business and Finance only.
  • The next 4 days of class will be covering the Technical part of the test.


Saturday and Sunday is the Business course with instructor.
Monday thru Thursday is the Technical course with instructor.
with two additional days of student study groups on "Friday and Saturday"
After the June 2018 Exam, the state will give the exam on computer continuously.

Class Dates

  • See homepage for class dates.

  • To register call us at 1-888-907-1153
  • Don't wait too long! The sooner you start studying, the better off you will be when taking your exam.
  • The exam is given on computer at a date and testing center of your choice.
    We recommend that you schedule your Technical Test  first in Orlando or near your home right
    you take the course as the material is fresh in your mind.
    This will give you the best chance of passing your exam on the first try.

Class hours

Business starts on Saturday
Technical starts on Monday

  • Saturday 8am to 6pm (Long Day)
  • Sunday 8am to 4pm
  • Monday 8am to 6pm (Long Day)
  • Tuesday 8am to 4pm
  • Wednesday 8am to 8pm (Extra Long Day)
  • Thursday  8am to 1pm  (Short Day ) No Lunch, but students will normally stay and continue to study until 7pm

  • Friday 8am to 6pm (Long Day) Students studying together as groups 

  • Saturday 8am to 6pm (Long Day) Students studying together as groups

Orlando Course Location

  • Hotel discounts are offered to our students if you make reservations 2 weeks or more in advance. 

Cut off dates for student hotel discounts are as follows:

The cut off day for the hotel discount is 14 days before class starts.

Call the actual hotel, not reservations.

"Don't wait until the last minute!"
If you are having trouble, please ask to speak with someone in sales.
Ask for Connie or Danielle.

Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando Lake Nona 6955 Lake Nona Boulevard Orlando, FL, US 32827 Phone: (407) 888-9974